Between EURO 2024, the Copa America, and the Club World Cup, Inter Milan’s squad will be pushed to its very limits.

Today’s print edition of Milan-based newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport, via FCInterNews, note the massive strain that the next fourteen months will put on the Nerazzurri’s players.

Next season, Inter will have more matches than ever.

Expansions to the Champions League and Club World Cup formats will mean that the Nerazzurri are likely to play around sixty matches at least. They could theoretically play as many as 69.

That is, of course, going to be a big test of the squad depth and fitness levels.

Moreover, this summer will not exactly be ideal from a perspective of getting ready for such a demanding season.

EURO 2024 & Copa America Put Inter Squad To The Test

Rather than getting the summer off, most of Inter’s squad will be in action at international tournaments.

Perhaps this is one drawback of having a squad full of high-quality players – the majority of them are full internationals, and regular starters at that.

Therefore, with both EURO 2024 and the Copa America going on, there will be plenty of tiring matches to come right after the end of this season.

That will also mean possible injuries to players in action at those tournaments.

Certainly, Inter’s players will need at least a few weeks of rest prior to preseason.

And then, the start of the Serie A season is on August 17th.

Therefore, there is not going to be a great deal of time in which to squeeze in that rest. And then the preseason fitness and technical preparations.

If there is a reason for optimism, however, it is that there are a lot of Inter players who are likely to have bigger roles next season.

The Gazzetta names Davide Frattesi, Carlos Augusto, Tajon Buchanan, and Yann Bisseck as four players who could carry more of the load next campaign.

And they will have to, given the season that Inter are facing.