The mayor of Rozzano Giovanni Ferretti remains hopeful about the Inter Milan stadium project in his region.

The Nerazzurri were initially planning to rebuild a new stadium at San Siro alongside AC Milan. But due to bureaucratic hurdles, the two clubs split paths, with each now looking to build its own ground in a different region on the outskirts of Milano.

The Rossoneri have identified San Donato as the home of their new stadium, while Inter resorted to Rozzano.

The Italian champions already found a suitable land and acquired a first-refusal option.

When this option was about to expire at the end of April, they agreed on an extension with the land owners.

Therefore, Ferretti considers this move as a positive sign, suggesting that the club still has the intention to pursue this project.

“I’m happy with the extension because it leaves us with more than mere hope,” said the Rozzano mayor in an interview with TV Play via FcInter1908.

“There is certainly more hope now, because an extension of this importance was obtained based on commitments.”

Rozzano Mayor Ferretti Optimistic About Inter Milan Stadium Plans

Nevertheless, Ferretti admitted that the San Siro renovation project remains a threat to his dreams.

“On the other hand, we all know that there is a deadline on June 30th, by which We Build should present the feasibility study for the San Siro renovation plans.

“The two clubs have to decide whether to stay at San Siro or whether to continue on the paths they traced.

“After the deadline, we will have a clearer view.”

Yet, the Rozzano mayor continues to dream about hosting a champions League final.

“It would be wonderful to imagine such a scenario. I continue to dream because it would be a great opportunity for our territory.

“I dream of a Champions League final in Rozzano. It would go down in history. Even if Inter and Milan don’t get there, it could still be the scene of a final.”