Italian journalist Fabrizio Biasin expects Inter Milan owners Suning to refinance the Oaktree Capital loan before seeking a sale.

The Chinese group loaned 275 million euros from the American investment company to cover the club’s operational costs in May 2021. Only ten days separate us from the deadline.

According to several sources, Inter president Steven Zhang is working on a plan to refinance the debt with the assistance of Pimco. The latter company would thus replace Oaktree as Suning’s creditor.

For his part, Biasin feels the Chinese businessman already has an agreement in principle in this regard, even if we can’t be completely certain at the moment.

“It’s impossible to have certainties at this point on Inter’s future,” said the journalist during his appearance on YouTube channel via FcInter1908.

“The feeling, despite some declarations, is that we are moving towards refinancing the loan.

“The Nerazzurri are organizing a Scudetto party on May 20th (the deadline date). This fact suggests that everyone already knows the path.”

Inter Milan Owners Suning Plan To Sell The Club After Securing Refinancing Agreement With Oaktree Capital

Nevertheless, Biasin believes Zhang and Suning are only buying time. Their intention is to sell the club once they gain more leverage over the situation.

“I don’t know if it will be a bridge refinancing. But at least an agreement that allows the postponement of the sale to a more convenient time.”

“Now Inter’s economic situation is improving. If this is the trend, Zhang wants to move forward and then sell on better conditions than the current ones.

“Inter can even aspire to close next season’s budget even at breakeven.”