Former Inter Milan and Lazio striker Felipe Caicedo only had words of praise for his former manager Simone Inzaghi.

The 35-year-old made a name for himself in Italian football while serving under Inzaghi’s guidance at Lazio. He became famous for his last-gasp goals.

The two were then reunited for a brief and forgettable spell at Inter between January and June 2022.

Nevertheless, Caicedo remains very fond of the Piacenza native. He insists that he has all that it takes to win all trophies if he receives the right backing from the club.

“Inter are an unplayable team, come on. They’re very strong and know what they want,” said the Ecuadorian in his interview with FcInterNews.

“The squad has been together for years. Inzaghi is a phenomenonal coach. I’ve never had a better manager, even though I had top coaches like Eriksson and Hughes.”

Felipe Caicedo Insists Simone Inzaghi Can Win The Champions League At Inter Milan

The bomber explained what differentiates Inzaghi from other tacticians.

“Inzaghi has that special factor that other coaches lack. He manages to get inside your head, he tells you the right things at the right time.

“This bond with the players makes the difference. Then maybe tactically he is not yet on Guardiola’s level, but he is an excellent coach. And the results are there to see.

“During the six months I spent at Inter, we didn’t win the Scudetto due to our own fault.

“This year, however, he reconfirmed his work. Inter were unplayable, there wasn’t any chance for anyone else.”

Caicedo assures that Inzaghi can lead Inter towards Champions League glory if the management meets his demands.

“I’m very sure he can win the Champions League. He has already played in a grand final while no one believed the team could make it.

“If Inzaghi asks for reinforcements and the management obliges, he will win the Champions League. That’s because he’s a winner.”