Inter Milan vice-president Javier Zanetti acknowledges the significance of San Siro, but stresses the importance of finding a quick solution on the stadium front.

The Nerazzurri and their rivals AC Milan were originally aiming to build a new ground to replace the current Giuseppe Meazza Stadium.

However, the two clubs had to abandon this track due to bureaucratic hurdles and restrictions.

Therefore, they each went in a separate direction, laying plans for their own stadiums on the city’s outskirts. Milan identified San Donato as their possible new home while Inter acquired first-refusal option on a land in Rozzano.

But in recent months, Milano mayor Giuseppe Sala has been pushing for a project to renovate San Siro.

The two clubs listened to the proposal and now await WeBuild’s detailed study which should arrive in June.

So while Inter are open to several proposals, Zanetti insists the club needs a swift solution on the matter.

“San Siro is the home of football in Milano. It is an impressive stadium,” noted the Nerazzurri icon in his interview with Il Corriere della Sera via FcInterNews.

“It has hosted historic pages of world football. San Siro will always be San Siro.

“However, we need to find a solution. Are we going to renovate it? Will we leave the city? Should we build our own stadium? We need clarity.

“We shall see if there is an economic possibility to renovate San Siro. Otherwise, Milan and Inter would have to go elsewhere

“We must be at the forefront when it comes to offering the fans a better experience.”

Inter Milan Vice-President Javier Zanetti Seeks Quick Answer On San Siro

Zanetti also discussed his post-retirement career, and how he always wanted to be evaluated based on his credentials rather than his past exploits on the pitch.

“I didn’t see myself as a coach, but more of a director. But I had to prepare.

“The worst thing I could do was live off what I had done on the pitch. I said to myself I must start from scratch.

“At the first meeting at Inter, I sat down and everyone spoke in English and Chinese, about complex issues. It was difficult

“Therefore, I started studying. I did a training course to have a broader vision. When you run after a ball, you have a beautiful job but your vision becomes very limited.

“Football is much broader, we need to learn, above all listen, to make the club grow in other equally important areas.”