Italian journalist Sandro Sabatini feels it would be “not a good look” if Inter Milan losing to Sassuolo is decisive in the Serie A relegation scrap.

Sabatini spoke on Italian broadcaster Radio Radio, via L’Interista.

Sassuolo got a shock result against Inter last weekend.

Perhaps the result should not have come as too much of a surprise.

Sassuolo are undeniably a “bogey team” for the Nerazzurri. If that weren’t already the case prior to the start of this season, it is now.

The Neroverdi have beaten Inter both home and away in a league. They have done so in a season when the Nerazzurri have been dominant in the league, and have not lost a single other Serie A match.

Meanwhile, ironically enough, Sassuolo are struggling in the relegation places.

The Neroverdi know that they need three points from today’s match against Genoa if they are to catch up to Frosinone and Empoli in the table.

As things stand, Sassuolo remain in the relegation places.

However, Inter did the Emilians a favour on Friday by beating Frosinone. The 5-0 hammering of the Lazio-based team means that Sassuolo can at least catch up with them today.

Sabatini: “Not A Good Look” If Inter Loss To Sassuolo Decisive In Serie A Relegation Scrap

That loss to Sassuolo came not long after Inter’s Serie A title celebratory parade.

Journalist Sabatini gave the view that “It’s fine to celebrate.”

“But then when they went to Sassuolo, they weren’t really standing on their feet.”

“Then yesterday they went to Frosinone and won 5-0,” the journalist noted.

“Of course, you could say that they also lost against the Neroverdi in the first leg,” Sabatini continued. “And that’s fair enough.”

He argued that “I hope that those three points don’t end up becoming decisive.”

“Because I could understand the anger and bitterness of the Frosinone fans as well as those of the other teams fighting for safety,” Sabatini said. “If those three points are decisive, it’s not a good look.”