Beating Milan on Monday the 22nd of April to not only win the Scudetto but take the lead in the head-to-head race for the most league titles was an outcome that even the dreamers in the Inter Milan fanbase would have rolled their eyes at had you told them it would happen in the summer of 2023.

But here we are, with another star on Inter’s badge and the league sewn up before the start of May following a 2-1 win. These are intoxicating days if you are an Inter supporter and the parties will rightfully go long into the summer.

However, Inter can’t afford to unravel as they did in the late days of spring 2021 after winning the Scudetto when Antonio Conte walked out in protest at the prospect of drastic cost-cutting measures at the San Siro.

Will history repeat itself?

Concerningly, there are many parallels that we can draw from three years ago as the same uncertainty in the background regarding the debts of Suning Holdings Group continues to simmer away.

Even if there are noises about a refinance of the existing loan deal with Oaktree, it is looking increasingly likely that the club will have to sell key player personnel in the summer once again.

There might have been less pressure not to go down this route again had Inter not crashed out of the Champions League in the round of 16.

The reverse to Atletico Madrid, however, meant that the framework was put in place for another summer of austerity which has the potential to send the dominoes tumbling.

In many ways, it is almost inconceivable to think that survival must take priority over building during such historic days but that is the Inter way at the moment, where every penny counts.

Inter Milan Sponsorship With Online Casino & sports betting firm Betsson

We saw this trend during the club’s recent negotiations for next year’s shirt sponsor when Inter pulled out of a deal with Qatar Airways at the eleventh hour.

Instead, the club opted for Swedish gambling company Betsson despite there being laws in place in Italy that prohibit teams from advertising gambling companies on their shirts. Inter intend to bypass this by having the brand StarCasino.Sport on their jerseys which is, in essence, a news blog for Betsson.

Of course, this deal doesn’t mean Inter are selling its soul as gambling companies sponsor virtually every team in the Premier League and hundreds across Europe. To that end, it is commonplace and an industry that is heavily regulated as this Casinoalpha guide to the number one casinos illustrates as they reveal the robust checks in place to keep punters protected.

Rather, Inter deserve praise for being shrewd in finding an endorsement that makes the club the most money. However, it also reveals that the club is open to selling to the highest bidder; a theme that might repeat itself during the transfer market.

Keep Inzaghi & Inter Milan Will Build A Future On Rock

In the event that it does, the club can avoid taking two steps back again by extending Simone Inzaghi’s contract beyond its current expiry date of June 2025.

In short, if Inzaghi remains in post, Inter can still build on their historic season given how far ahead the 48-year-old is of his colleagues in Serie A despite having to deal with a reduced wage bill and numerous player departures.

Indeed, the former Lazio player has impressively shown the world that there are different ways of utilizing a 3-5-2 attacking system while dominating possession.

Without a doubt, Inter’s football this season has been the most avant-garde in Italy and if Inzaghi stays, the Nerazzurri can begin putting further daylight between them and the rest of Serie A.