Former Inter Milan defender Andrea Ranocchia feels that a big secret to the success of Simone Inzaghi has been the coach’s “empathy.”

Speaking to Italian outlet, the former defender also praised Nerazzurri President Steven Zhang for his relationship with the players.

Ranocchia spent just one season playing under Inzaghi.

The former Lazio coach took charge of the Nerazzurri right as the veteran defender was winding down his playing days.

Ranocchia had played under no shortage of different coaches during his time at Inter.

The Italian played for the likes of Antonio Conte, Luciano Spalletti, Walter Mazzarri, and Roberto Mancini at Inter.

But playing under Inzaghi did certainly leave a positive impression on Ranocchia.

Ranocchia Praises Simone Inzaghi & Steven Zhang

Former defender Ranocchia said that “Inzaghi was very intelligent to understand the level of the team.”

“Because it’s a strong team, and he understood how he needed to manage the players.”

“He’s a coach who, along with his staff, is very good at preparing for matches,” Ranocchia said. “He gives instructions that also depend on the opponent.”

The former Inter defender noted that “I remember that when I played for him, we prepared tactically for each match based on the opponent. A lot of coaches don’t do that.”

“He’s good at managing the players, in the sense that he’s a coach that can get to know you. He’s empathetic towards the players.”

“So maybe on a day where a player isn’t at his best or has a bit of a physical problem, he understands how he can manage it,” Ranocchia said of Inzaghi.

“By putting himself in the player’s shoes. Helping him through that moment.”

“Empathy is his greatest quality,” Ranocchia said of Inzaghi.

“It’s why he has a strong relationship with the players.”

Meanwhile, Ranocchia also praised the success of Inter President Steven Zhang. “Personally I’m very happy,” the former defender said. “Because I worked for Steven for many years.”

“I know the passion he puts into this team and this club.”

“We have to remember that when Steven took over Inter, it was a team struggling,” Ranocchia noted.

“And in just a few years he managed to bring it back to the top of European and world football. He’s done an amazing job.”