The agent of Inter Milan midfielder Henrikh Mkhitaryan says that reitrement is not in the 35-year-old’s mind at this stage.

Mkhitaryan’s agent Rafaela Pimenta spoke to Italian news outlet L’Interista. She made clear that regardless of his age Mkhitaryan still has “a lot left to give.”

Mkhitaryan turned 35 this season.

The former Roma, Arsenal, and Manchester United veteran has now been a professional footballer for the better part of two decades.

But Mkhitaryan is in some of the best form of his career – if not the very best.

Mkhitaryan has been the outfield player to play the most minutes in Serie A for Inter this season.

That is a statistic that makes very clear how important the Armenian is for the Nerazzurri.

Mkhitaryan is the player who balances Inter’s midfield trio. Despite his age, few players have his energy, intensity, and stamina.

And in terms of his passing and ball control, Mkhitaryan gives Inter plenty of control in midfield.

Agent Of Henrikh Mkhitaryan: “He’s Never Thought About Retirement”

Mkhitaryan’s age may suggest a player who might be thinking about what comes next when he hangs up his boots.

However, the 35-year-old’s performances on the pitch, so far, have not.

Mkhitaryan’s agent Pimenta said that “I’ve never heard him say the word ‘retirement.'”

“He’s never thought about it,” she continued.

“And he still has a lot to give. You’ll see.”

Pimenta said that “I’ve met a lot of world-class players, but he’s incredible in terms of the passion that’s always guided him throughout his career.”

“It seems trivial to say. But in his case it’s passion that drives him – not the money.”

“That’s why he’s always improving,” Pimenta argued. “Even at the age of 35.”

Mkhitaryan’s agent added a positive prediction for the future, saying that “I’m convinced that he’ll become even better.”