Inter Milan are reportedly calm and serene despite the ongoing corporate storm caused by the Oaktree Capital loan.

In May 2021, the club’s owners Suning loaned 275 million euros from the US-based investment company. The Chinese group used their majority shares at the club as a guarantee for the debt.

Only three days separate us from the loan deadline, and Suning are yet to resolve the issue.

Club president Steven Zhang is working on refinancing the loan with the assistance of Pimco.

This group is willing to repay the loan along with the interest and thus replace Oaktree as creditors, giving Suning some breathing room.

But as we reported earlier today, Oaktree might be deliberately derailing the refinancing operation.

This is because the company prefers to remain in control of the situation until Suning sell Inter to a new owner. This would reportedly earn Oaktree a cut from the sale.

But despite all the turmoil, FcInterNews insists that the Nerazzurri management remains serene.

The source explains how the club’s two CEOs Beppe Marotta and Alessandro Antonello appeared calm and confident this morning while receiving the Ambrogino d’Oro Award this at the Milano municipality.

Inter Milan Directors Remain Optimistic Despite Turbulence Caused By Looming Oaktree Loan Deadline

Inter coach Simone Inzaghi and club captain Lautaro Martinez also attended the event. And everyone appeared to be in good spirits.

Moreover, Marotta even paid tribute to Zhang in his speech, thanking him for his trust.

Hence, the club directors remain confident about the future, while showing no signs of anxiety.

The club is also preparing for a celebratory weekend filled with special events.

The cherry on top will certainly be the Serie A trophy ceremony which will ensue following the clash against Lazio on Sunday evening at San Siro.