Inter Milan striker Marcus Thuram explains why his compatriots Thierry Henry and Karim Benzema are his role models.

The 26-year-old shares a special bond with Henry who was an international teammate of his father Lilian.

CBS Sports organized a video call between the Inter star and the Arsenal legend.

The 26-year-old revealed some of the best pieces of advice that he received from the iconic striker.

“He gave me a lot of great advice. But if I had to choose one it’s this: When you’re on the pitch you don’t you have friends. You have to go out there and ‘kill’ your opponent,” said the Nerazzurri star via FcInterNews.

I’m a very cheerful person. I like to joke and have a laugh. But after talking to Thierry, I created this mental state where at the weekend, I have to play as he advised me to.”

Thuram also explained why he’s inspired by Henry and Benzema.

“Thierry once recorded 20 goals and 20 assists in a single campaign.

“I realize that strikers have to score first and foremost. But I prefer forwards like Thierry or Karim Benzema, who know how to score but can also make the team play better.

“That’s the type of attacker that I aspire to become.”

Inter Milan Star Marcus Thuram Inspired By Thierry Henry & Karim Benzema

Thuram also recalled when he met Henry as an opponent when the latter was serving as Monaco coach.

“We only played against each other once. He was coaching Monaco and I was playing for Guingamp.

“I had never been this motivated in my life.”

“That day Thuram killed me,” commented Henry on that encounter. “You better not remember what you did to me.

“I hope you don’t do it to Como next year.”

The Arsenal legend is a shareholder at Como who have recently earned a promotion to Serie A.