A report in Italy claims that Inter Milan owners Suning and Oaktree Capital could agree to briefly extend the loan deadline while refinancing talks with Pimco continue.

It all began in May 2021 when Suning loaned 275 million euros from Oaktree to cover the club’s operational costs. The Chinese group placed their majority shares at the club as a guarantee.

With the deadline to repay the loan (along with the interest) set on May 20th, this soap opera has now reached its climax.

Suning are now working on a plan to refinance the loan through Pimco who would effectively repay Oaktree and replace them as creditors. This maneuver would buy the Chinese group additional time at the club’s helm.

Nevertheless, reports over the last few days claim that Oaktree are trying to hinder the operation.

As we reported earlier today, Some sources believe the American-based investment company is seeking a loan extension for a year in the hopes of collecting an additional fee from a future club sale.

But according to Sky Sport Italia journalist Matteo Barzaghi, the parties could decide to extend the deadline for a few days as they seek more clarity on the situation.

Inter Milan Owners & Oaktree Capital Could Extend Deadline For A Few Days While Talks With Pimco Continue

Barzaghi insists Suning and Pimco have yet to sign a contract, even though they’re working on finalizing their agreement.

This is mainly due to Oaktree who are utilizing some clauses inserted in their contract with Suning to derail the operation.

So as the journalist tells it, until the parties find a final accord, all scenarios remain possible.