Oaktree Capital have a plan for the running of Inter Milan in the event that they take over at the club from Suning.

Today’s print edition of Rome-based newspaper Corriere dello Sport, via FCInterNews, report that the US-based fund would be ready to initiate a plan to maintain stability at the Nerazzurri.

Oaktree never expected that they would end up becoming Inter owners.

When the US fund made a sizable loan to current Nerazzurri owners Suning in 2021, they anticipated that the Chinese company would be selling the club at some stage in the last three years.

The proceeds from a sale of Inter would have allowed Suning to pay back their debt to Oaktree.

However, that never came to pass. Despite scanning the market for interested buyers, there was no sale.

And despite their efforts at refinancing their debt to Oaktree, it now looks as though Suning will default.

Barring any extraordinary last minute twists, Suning will not be able to pay the 380 million or so that they owe to Oaktree.

That means that, per the agreement from 2021, Suning’s shares in Inter will pass into the hands of Oaktree.

Oaktree Plan For Running Inter After Taking Over From Oaktree

Taking control of Inter is not something that Oaktree had expected.

However, the Corriere report, the US-based fund do have a plan for this event.

The newspaper anticipate that by far the biggest priority will be maintaining a course of financial stability.

In this sense, Oaktree are aided by the fact that they have already had members on the Inter board of directors.

The US fund have been well-informed regarding Inter’s work over the last three years to improve their financial situation.

Therefore, the Corriere report, Oaktree’s priority is to continue in that work.

There will not be any dramatic financial austerity from the new American owners. But nor will there be any spending sprees – quite the opposite.

Oaktree plan to place their faith in the current Inter directors.

On a sporting level that will mean that the transfer plans and contract extensions shouldn’t change too much.

However, it will be with a new ownership at the helm.