Oaktree Capital are not likely to “flip” Inter Milan immediately by making a quick sale right after taking over the club from Suning.

This according to today’s print edition of Rome-based newspaper Corriere dello Sport, via FCInterNews.

It’s not official yet. But it now looks to be only a matter of time before Oaktree become the new owners of Inter.

The Nerazzurri’s current owners Suning must deposit the full amount that they owe to the US fund, or else default on a loan that they took on in the spring of 2021.

If Suning are to default, then their shares in Inter will pass into the hands of Oaktree.

This raises the big question: What are Oaktree’s plans for Inter?

Oaktree Capital Unlikely To “Flip” Inter Milan After Taking Over From Suning

Basically, Oaktree would have two options. The fund can either run Inter for the foreseeable future, or sell the club basically right away.

There has been some speculation to the effect that Oaktree are aiming for the latter.

However, according to the Corriere, there is no reason to believe that that is the case.

It is undoubtedly true that Oaktree will want to sell Inter sooner or later. But they are in no rush.

From the US fund’s perspective, they already have members on the board of Inter. They have already had input into the club’s financial strategy as Inter have improved their financial situation significantly in recent years since the 2021 loan.

Therefore, Oaktree can stay at the helm for a while. And on a sporting level, the fund can keep the senior management – above all, CEO Beppe Marotta – running the show for at least a while.

Then, Oaktree can listen to offers and decide to sell when the time is right.

And in any event, the Corriere note, a sale is a fairly lengthy and complex process.

The fact that there have been no reports of any due diligence from potential buyers suggest that it is not actually the case that Oaktree have lined up a buyer to hand the club over almost immediately after taking over.