Legendary former Nerazzurri captain Beppe Bergomi has faith in the future of Inter Milan with Beppe Marotta at the helm.

Bergomi spoke to Italian outlet FirenzeViola.it. He addressed the ownership situation at his former club.

Inter look to be on the verge of a big change at the top.

The Nerazzurri will soon have new owners in the form of Oaktree Capital.

Current Inter owners Suning look to be unable to pay their debt to the US-based fund.

And considering that Suning put up their shares in the Nerazzurri as collateral for that loan, defaulting will mean that their controlling shares in the club will pass into the hands of Oaktree.

This raises a lot of questions about both the short- and long-term future of Inter.

Above all, there is the question of what exactly Oaktree’s intentions are.

The US fund could well decide to change the manner in which Inter are operating at some stage.

But reports indicate that, for the time being at least, that is not what Oaktree plan to do.

The US fund are more than happy with the way that things currently are at Inter. And a big part of that has to do with the job that current Nerazzurri CEO Beppe Marotta has done.

Beppe Bergomi: “Faith In Inter With Beppe Marotta At Club”

Of the current Inter team, Bergomi said that “A lot of work went into it.”

“Everyone has grown,” the former Nerazzurri captain and 1982 World Cup winner continued.

“Inter fans have an incredible average attendance. And the team won fully deservedly.”

Bergomi then said that “We have to trust in Beppe Marotta.”

“Because even this season, the President has never been President. And believe me, that’s not easy at times.”

“The club is very solid,” Bergomi added.

“But then understanding what will happen next is tough for me.”