Finnish businessman Thomas Zilliacus says that he still has an interest in buying Inter Milan from Oaktree Capital.

Zilliacus spoke to Italian broadcaster TVPlay, via FCInter1908. He hinted that he is ready to make an offer to the Nerazzurr’s incoming owners very soon.

There have been links between Zilliacus and Inter since last year.

The Finn is one of a significant number of individuals or funds who have been reported to have an interest in buying Inter from Suning over the last few years.

However, as with all of the other rumours, the one concerning Zilliacus also came to nothing.

But that was with Suning in charge of Inter.

The Chinese company is now about to lose control of the Nerazzurri. They are on the verge of defaulting on a loan from US fund Oaktree Capital, who will then be able to repossess their shares in the club.

Thomas Zilliacus Confirms: “I’m Interested In Buying Inter Milan From Oaktree”

With new owners, there could be new opportunities for other interested parties to make fresh offers.

And according to Zilliacus, he would be ready to return to the table for the Nerazzurri.

The Finnish businessman commented that the ownership change is “Sad news for the Nerazzurri.”

“Because a change of ownership like this doesn’t give continuity to the club,” he argued. “It doesn’t allow the club to maintain high standards.”

“I’m very interested in Inter,” Zilliacus continued.

“Now, it might be easier to buy. Because Oaktree is very motivated to sell the club.”

Zilliacus predicted that “The valuation of Inter is around €1 billion.”

“I’ll make a proposal to Oaktree, to prove that it’s possible to transition the club to a fan-supported venture, similar to the models of Barcelona or Bayern Munich.”

Zilliacus On Background Of Previous Attempts To Buy Inter From Suning

And Zilliacus also remarked that “Some fans asked my why I just talked, but didn’t actually do anything to buy Inter.”

“Now that the Suning era is coming to an end, I can tell you that I understand the fans’ frustrations.”

“I made one offer in July. And then one in November,” Zilliacus claimed.

“The owners could have spoken with me. But unfortunately that didn’t happened, and I don’t know the reason why.”

Last September, Zilliacus spoke to SempreInter about his ambitions. He revealed his reasons for wanting to buy Inter, and background on his efforts to to so.

“I have great respect for Steven Zhang,” said Zilliacus. “He came from China to Italy and did a fantastic job with Inter.”

“I had the impression that Zhang was willing to sell,” he went on.

“My two offers were supported by one of the three biggest banks in the world.”

“But maybe the fans can’t understand why buying a football club is not like going to the store for a bottle of milk, where there’s a price tag and you buy the product,” Zilliacus added.