Italian football finance expert Marco Bellinazzo believes Inter Milan will “emerge from uncertainty” after the takeover of Oaktree Capital.

Speaking to Italian broadcaster SportItalia, the journalist with Italian business newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore also gave his prediction regarding the status of a contract extension for Lautaro Martinez.

US-based fund Oaktree Capital have officially confirmed their takeover of Inter.

The next few weeks will see the process of Oaktree replacing Suning at the helm unfold.

There are naturally a lot of questions about what the fund are planning.

However, reports suggest that the real watchword for Suning as Inter owners will be continuity.

And there is no question regarding the financial solidity of Inter’s owners now. That was hardly the case when Suning were in charge.

Naturally the coming weeks will see some turbulence and change.

And then there is always the question of a possible sale on the horizon.

But from Bellinazzo, Inter will now be in a position where they’re on more solid ground.

Bellinazzo: Inter Milan “Emerge From Uncertainty” With Oaktree Takeover

“There’s no doubt that the fund will work to consolidate Inter’s current position,” said Bellinazzo.

“The priority is to pursue further financial recovery. Which does not necessarily mean cutting costs.”

The football finance expert predicted that “Oaktree is aware that excessive cost-cutting would mean lowering the level of the team.”

“It’s clear that the objective is to further streamline the budget. To make it more solid.”

“This is a year that could be hugely important for Inter,” Bellinazzo said. “They’re moving away from the uncertainty that came from Zhang’s ownership in recent years – at least from a financial point of view.”

“The short-term prospect, however, will be to wrap up the contract extensions that are already in the works.”

Bellinazzo anticipated that “Big signings are not to be expected initially. Rather, they will try and keep the team together.”

The football finance expert also commented that “It remains to be seen how the extension of Lautaro’s contract will be managed.”

“Because evidently, a new deal at the kind of figures that are circulating will not fall within ordinary administration,” he noted.

“Fortunately for Inter, however, the club is not in the situation they were in with the 2021 press release.”

“There’s no financial crisis,” Bellinazzo made clear.

“”We’re now talking about balancing the accounts, with the prospect of increasing revenues next season.”

“So even a contract extension like the Argentine’s could be within reach. Considering the importance of the player, and the season the club is facing.”