Legendary former Nerazzurri President Massimo Moratti admits he’s sorry to see the ownership of Suning at Inter Milan end the way it is.

Moratti spoke to Italian news outlet Calciomercato.it. He also gave his gratitude to outgoing Inter President Steven Zhang for the job that he has done at the club.

Now it is official. Suning’s time as Inter owners has come to an end.

US-based fund Oaktree Capital have officially announced that they will be taking over, as they can start to repossess the Chinese company’s controlling shares in the club following a default on the loan.

This will also see the end of Zhang’s time as President of Inter.

It is not clear who will replace the 32-year-old. Rumours are that Vice-President and legendary former Inter captain Javier Zanetti could take over in the role.

In any event, Zhang has been Inter President since 2018. There have been numerous ups and downs, and seven trophies.

Legendary former President Moratti has always been a supporter of Zhang, and expressed his appreciation for the job that the young President has done.

And for his part, Moratti is sad to see Zhang go.

Moratti: “Sorry To See Suning Leave Inter Like This, Thank You Steven Zhang”

Of the end of Suning’s time at the helm, Moratti said that “I’m very sorry to see it.”

“I have respect for Zhang. He tried in every way he could to do a good job, and he did a good job.”

“Because he won two league titles,” Moratti continued. “And quite a few other trophies.”

“He was not able to repay all the debt that he got himself into for Inter,” the former President noted. “It’s not as though he spent the money on his own business.”

“I’m sorry that it’s ending like this,” he added.

“As an Interista, I can only say thank you Steven.”

As for whether or not he expected this turn of events, Moratti admitted, “I have to say no.”

“I was convinced that there would be some twist and that the Zhang family would be able to delay certain obligations a bit further down the line,” he continued.

“But then in the last few days, I could see well the way things were headed.”

And as for whether he has heard from Zhang yet, Moratti said that “I heard from him a few weeks ago.”

“I’ll try to call him. But it’s not easy to get a hold of him in China.”

Moratti Hopes Oaktree Stay Ambitious

Meanwhile, Moratti also gave his thoughts on what he hopes for from Inter’s new owners Oaktree.

“I hope this new fund doesn’t just look at the financial side,” the former President said.

“Particularly because I think that after initially running the club they’ll look for a buyer.”

“And in the meantime, it’s important that the club does well,” he continued. “Remains at a high level.”

Moratti said that “I hope that they feel the same duty to protect the club that Zhang had towards it.”

“The extensions of Lautaro, Barella, and Inzaghi’s contracts are also in the balance,” Moratti noted.

“Those will depend on the principles of the fund and what they consider to be the priorities. I hope they all extend.”