A new Inter Milan board of directors is to be appointed as part of the takeover of the club by US-based fund Oaktree Capital.

Today’s print edition of Milan-based newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport, via FCInterNews, anticipate that the existing board will step down. Then a new one will take its place.

US-based fund Oaktree Capital have officially confirmed their takeover of Inter.

The next few weeks will see the process of Oaktree replacing Suning at the helm unfold.

As part of this, the club will get a new board of directors.

Oaktree already have two members sitting on the club’s current board of directors.

Carlo Marchetti and Amadeo Carassai were both appointed in the summer of 2021.

This had marked a change in the decision-making structure of Inter’s board of directors.

Both Marchetti and Carassai have close associations with Oaktree. The pair have had the role of exerting an influence on Inter’s decision-making on behalf of the fund.

And moreover, the presence of these two directors has allowed Oaktree to have an inside look at the Nerazzurri for the past three years, prior to taking over the club this month.

New Inter Milan Board Of Directors To Be Elected As Part Of Oaktree Takeover

According to the Gazzetta, Oaktree will dissolve the entire existing board of directors. Accordingly, this includes the current roles held by Marchetti and Carassai.

Then, the new owners will begin the process of restructuring by electing a new board.

The Gazzetta anticipate that Marchetti and Carassai will both be on the new board. They remain key allies of Oaktree, and will provide continuity in the new board.

Meanwhile, CEO of Sport Beppe Marotta and Corporate CEO Alessandro Antonello should both also be on the new board.

However, a number of board members who outgoing owners Suning had appointed should lose their place.

These include Xu Yichen, Zhu Qing, Zhou Bin, Ying Ruohan, Daniel Kar Keung Tseung.

Taking their place will be directors who Oaktree appoint.