Oaktree Capital will still pay Suning a significant amount in compensation for their takeover of Inter Milan.

Today’s print edition of Milan-based newspaper Corriere della Sera, via FCInterNews, anticipate a valuation of the club at around 850 million as part of a compensation structure.

Oaktree have confirmed that they will take over Inter from Suning.

The latter have defaulted on repayment of their debt to the former.

Therefore, Oaktree now have the right to repossess the controlling shares in Inter held by the former. And they have announced that they plan to do just that.

Suning have no say in the matter at this stage.

As part of the agreement that saw the outgoing owners take on a substantial loan in the spring of 2021, they put their stake in Inter up as collateral.

Therefore, it is not as though Oaktree and Suning must negotiate a sale.

However, as the Corriere della Sera note, that does not mean that Oaktree will take Suning’s shares in Inter for nothing.

Oaktree To Compensate Suning 850M For Inter Milan Shares

As part of the agreement from 2021, in the event that Oaktree are to repossess Suning’s shares in Inter, the US fund must compensate the outgoing owners.

The amount would be total to the “fair value” of the club.

It will be up to an independent appraiser to determine exactly what that is.

But according to the Corriere della Sera, there is a strong sense of what the number will be.

The newspaper anticipate that the figure that the appraiser arrives at will be around 850 million.

This will be with taking the Nerazzurri’s significant debt into account.

However, Oaktree will not have to compensate Suning for that full amount.

Given that the outgoing owners have not paid their debt to Oaktree – close to 400 million including interest – Oaktree can subtract that from the total payment they make.