Italian journalist Fabrizio Biasin weighs in on the plans of Oaktree Capital after taking over Inter Milan from Suning.

The Chinese group failed to repay their loan to the American investment company by Monday’s deadline.

Therefore, they had to relinquish their majority shares at the club to Oaktree who are now in charge of the Italian champions.

Biasin insists the US-based fund will confirm the club’s top officials in their posts.

“For the first time in history, Inter becomes American, a transition that we have understood in recent days,” said the journalist in his interview with TV Play via FcInter1908.

“The new ownership, apparently, has every intention of continuing with the same corporate structure.

“The goal of a fund is to make money, so in the long term, we should expect a sale.

“Obviously, Oaktree will not invest 100 million on the market. No doubt about it.”

On the other hand, Biasin expects Oaktree to go forward with the club’s new stadium project.

“Oaktree is a company famous for its real estate investments. So they will try to build a stadium in Milan and make the club more attractive.”

Biasin doesn’t envision the sale of a top player this summer, unless the club receives an irresistible offer.

“At the moment, no one has expressed a desire to leave the club. This summer there will be the European Championship, there are a thousand variables.

“It’s obvious that if an unmissable offer arrives, Marotta can’t help but listen to it.”

Fabrizio Biasin Expects Oaktree To Pursue Inter Milan New Stadium Project

The pundit also insists that Inter have no problems with the contract extensions of Simone Inzaghi, Lautaro Martinez and Nicolo Barella.

“There’s no problem with the coach’s renewal. He, Barella and Lautaro are all close to signing new deals.”

Finally, Biasin paid tribute to departing Inter Milan coach Steven Zhang.

“Before his arrival, Inter were in 65th place in the UEFA ranking. In recent years, the club has been consistently in the top 10 places.

“Inter reached a Champions League final, a Europa League final and won many trophies in Italy under his guidance.”