Inter Milan defender Stefan de Vrij returns to the SEG case, revealing how he was kept in the dark by the agency that used to represent him.

The Dutchman recently won the legal battle, with a Dutch court ordering SEG to pay him 5.2 million euros as a recompensation for their actions.

For the first time since the court ruling, the 32-year-old spoke publicly on the matter, revealing the details that prompted him to break his rapport with the agency and file a lawsuit.

The former Lazio man insists that SEG didn’t look after his best interest and was never transparent.

“There was no transparency. I had no one looking after me,” said de Vrij in his interview with Algemeen Dagblad via FcInterNews.

“I filed this lawsuit because a player must determine what part of the cake he gives away.

“There was no transparency, they did everything behind my back. I lost sight of the agency, I didn’t ask questions because I didn’t want to come across as skeptical.”

The defender also talked about an eye-opening conversation he had with his former Inter teammate Romelu Lukaku.

“I called the lawyers after that conversation I had with Lukaku. I said to Romelu ‘They’ve all been my agents since I was sixteen.’ he said: ‘But are you sure they are representing you? You don’t have a written agreement with them, do you?'”

Inter Milan Defender Stefan De Vrij Opens Up On SEG Saga

De Vrij also revealed that he never intended to leave Lazio on a free transfer.

“I, for example, didn’t want to leave Lazio on a free transfer because that club had been fair to me. I was willing to sign an extension and then leave in return for a transfer fee.

“According to SEG, Lazio rejected this proposal. So I called the club director and he told me: ‘SEG are lying to you Stefan, they absolutely don’t want you to sign’.

“So I started having doubts and asked SEG again. They said ‘Stefan, how long have we known one another? We would never lie to you.’

“Even Vos (SEG owner) wasn’t happy with me calling the Lazio sporting director. I certainly shouldn’t have done it, he said. That’s what they were there for.

“Only later did I understand everything.”

After breaking up with SEG, the centre-back chose famous Italian agent Federico Pastorello as his representative.