A report in the Italian press suggests a legal battle between departing Inter Milan owners Suning and Oaktree Capital is looming on the horizon.

This has been a chaotic week for the Nerazzurri, blemishing the club’s celebratory mood after winning the Serie A title.

After failing to repay their loan by Monday’s deadline, Suning had no other option but to pass over the club’s ownership to their creditors Oaktree.

The American investment company is currently in the process of taking over the Italian club.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport via FcInterNews, departing club president Steven Zhang has been devastated by the outcome.

However, the Chinese businessman has been willing to cooperate to ensure a smooth takeover for the good of the club.

Nevertheless, the pink newspaper still envisions an inevitable legal battle between Suning and Oaktree.

The source expects the Chinese company to file a lawsuit in Luxembourg where the club’s parent company Great Horizon (a holding company belonging to Suning) is located.

Therefore, the Luxembourgian courts will have the territorial authority to determine the club’s value.

Inter Milan Departing Owners Suning To File A Lawsuit Against Oaktree Following Club Takeover

As we explained before, Oaktree’s Inter takeover isn’t free of charge. The American company will have to repay Suning an amount depending on the club’s fair market value, after deducting the debt.

But in order to obtain this value, the Chinese company might have to undergo a lengthy legal procedure.

Therefore, Zhang will be hoping for a high valuation that allows his company to collect a large sum. This would ease the pain of his traumatic exit.