Oaktree will soon remove all signs pointing to Suning at Inter Milan, beginning with the club’s training center at Appiano Gentile.

This has been a chaotic week for the Nerazzurri who celebrated the Serie A title on Sunday, only to undergo an ownership change afterwards.

Suning failed to settle their debt for Oaktree on Monday’s deadline. This default automatically passed the club’s ownership to the American investment company who have now initiated takeover procedures.

According to Il Corriere della Sera via FcInterNews, Oaktree intends to erase all signs and commercials related to the departing ownership.

They will begin with the club’s training center. During their time in charge, the Chinese group renamed it the “Suning Training Centre”. They acquired the naming rights with an agreement worth 15 million euros per year.

Nevertheless, the source expects this name to disappear along with all signs related to the Chinese company.

This is because Oaktree would like to signal the beginning of their own era at the club.

Oaktree Looking To Erase All Suning Signs At Inter Milan – Starting With Training Center

However, the report doesn’t expect Suning to retaliate with legal actions.

As the source tells it, departing Inter Milan president Steven Zhang has been in contact with the club’s top officials over the past few days.

The Chinese businessman will reportedly refrain from legal battles, despite what his recent statement had suggested.

The 32-year-old claimed his efforts to seek a solution with Oaktree were hindered by legal threats.

Nevertheless, Zhang has yet to announce a legal move, with Oaktree’s takeover going relatively smoothly thus far.