As of May 22, 2024, funds managed by Oaktree Capital Management have taken over ownership of FC Internazionale Milano or Inter Milan.

This transfer of ownership comes after Oaktree’s three-year loan to Inter Milan’s holding companies matured on May 21, 2024, with an outstanding balance of approximately €395m that was not repaid.

In May 2021, due to Inter Milan projecting significant financial losses for the 2020/2021 season, Oaktree provided rescue capital to the club’s holding companies to stabilize its economic situation and ensure its continued operations, including meeting obligations to players and staff.

Over the three years since Oaktree’s intervention, Inter Milan has achieved notable successes, including winning their eighth and ninth Coppa Italia, securing their sixth, seventh, and eighth Supercoppa titles, clinching their 20th Scudetto title along with the historic second star, and making it to the UEFA Champions League final for the first time since 2010.

What’s Next

As you enjoy playing online casino games, here is more about Oaktree takeover. Oaktree has fully committed to securing the enduring prosperity of Inter Milan, prioritizing operational and financial stability for both the Club and its stakeholders.

The firm highly esteems the club’s rich legacy, its players’ dedication, the unwavering support of Interested fans, and the pivotal role Inter Milan plays in Milan, Italy, and the global sports community.

Moreover, Oaktree pledges to collaborate closely with Inter Milan’s current management team, partners, and league and governing bodies to ensure the Club achieves success both on and off the field.

This commitment entails emphasizing strong management practices, efficient operations, and robust governance while fostering a vision for sustainable growth and achievement.

As new stewards of Inter Milan, Alejandro Cano, Managing Director and Co-Head of Europe for Oaktree’s Global Opportunities strategy, says they fully acknowledge their duty to honor the Club’s community, history, and esteemed legacy.

Hence, they commit to securing the Nerazzurri’s long-term prosperity, aligning their aspirations for the Club with the fervent hopes of its dedicated fans across Italy and beyond.

He says their primary objective is to ensure operational and financial stability. They greatly admire Inter Milan’s existing management team and eagerly anticipate collaborating closely with them to provide steadfast guidance for the Club.

What Will The Future Hold For Inter Milan & Oaktree

The attainment of the second star marked a significant milestone for the Club, and they aim to capitalize on this momentum from on-field achievements to chart a clear course for sustained growth and triumph.

Oaktree is a prominent figure among global investment managers. Thus, it is distinguished for its expertise in alternative investments. As of March 31, 2024, the company has a substantial $192 billion in assets under management.

Furthermore, Oaktree’s investment principle revolves around a disciplined focus on value and risk management across various sectors, including credit, private equity, tangible assets, and listed equities. With a workforce exceeding 1,200 individuals, Oaktree operates in 23 cities worldwide, affirming its extensive global reach and presence.

Under the arrangement, Oaktree could assume club control should a default occur. And their primary emphasis is on ensuring operational and financial stability.

Moreover, they hold a deep appreciation for Inter Milan management team. Established in 1908, Inter Milan is one of the most renowned clubs in Italian football history, boasting 20 league titles and hosting prominent players like Lautaro Martinez and Nicolo Barella.

In 2016, Suning had a majority stake in the club, marking one of the most significant endeavors by a Chinese enterprise in European football.