A report in the Italian media reveals how the first meeting between Oaktree officials and the two Inter Milan CEOs panned out on Wednesday.

The American investment company has now taken over the club departing owners Suning.

The Chinese group had taken a loan from Oaktree in May 2021. This week’s default automatically passed the club’s ownership to the Californian fund.

On Wednesday, Oaktree officials Alejandro Cano and Katherine Ralph held a meeting with Inter CEOs Beppe Marotta and Alessandro Antonello.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport via FcInterNews, the summit wasn’t a mere formality, but an opportunity for the parties to lay plans for the the future.

As the source tells it, the Oaktree officials stressed the importance of further increasing the club’s revenues.

The American company considers it a fundamental step to maintain operational and financial stability.

Oaktree is thus hoping to bolster the club’s income from sporting results and commercial streams. Moreover, they feel the need to further decrease the costs.

Cano and Ralph have already expressed their satisfaction with the club’s recent results on the pitch and the balance sheet.

Oaktree Officials Ask Inter Milan CEOs To Increase Revenues & Reduce Costs

The two officials will return to Milano next week, as they intend to be physically present to oversee the club’s management.

Furthermore, the source reveals that the new owners are in no hurry to instill a new board of directors. After all, they’re planning to linger at the club for a while.

Therefore, the pink newspaper expects the shareholders meeting to take place in June to appoint a new board.

Nevertheless, Inter CEO Beppe Marotta and Sporting Director Piero Ausilio will maintain their seats.