Outgoing Inter Milan president Steven Zhang has published an emotional farewell message to the Nerazzurri on social media.

The outgoing Nerazzurri President gave an emotional message on his Instagram account. His six-year tenure will soon come to an end with Oaktree Capital taking over the club.

Zhang has been President of Inter since 2018.

During that time, there have been ups and downs at the Nerazzurri.

On the one hand, there have been the well-known financial issues that have plagued the club since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

But on the other, Zhang has ushered in an era of success and trophies on the pitch.

Having not won a single trophy in years prior to Zhang’s arrival as Inter President, the club have won seven under his stewardship.

Inter have won the Serie A title twice, the Coppa Italia twice, and the Supercoppa Italiana on three occasions.

Moreover, the Nerazzurri have also reached the final of both the Europa League and the Champions League with Zhang at the helm.


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Steven Zhang Says Goodbye To Inter Milan: “The Greatest Honour Of My Life”

Zhang’s tenure as Inter President will be coming to an end, however.

Suning have lost control of the Nerazzurri, following default on a loan from Oaktree Capital. The US-based fund will take control of the club, and will soon elect a new President.

Zhang writes that “Goodbyes are never easy, especially with a loved one.”

“In life, everything has a beginning and an end. I always knew that one day I would have to say goodbye.”

“The truth is, I was not ready and probably never would have been.”

“Eight years ago, when a young man, who was 24 years old, stepped into San Siro to watch a football match, I had absolutely no idea what lay ahead of me.”

“The incredible emotions I felt that day drove my decisions through the years.”

“The unique black and blue world accepted me immediately, filling me with passion, joy, and lots of love.”

“I have grown so much on a personal level since then, and I will always carry this in my heart.”

“At the beginning of my presidency I made a promise to bring Inter back to its former glory.”

“During these eight years we have experienced seven trophies, two European finals, and topped the Serie A championship twice.”

“The legendary second star is a testament to our success.”

“After significant investment and countless hours of work, Inter has transformed into a modern, innovative, and winning club at the pinnacle of European football.”

“Over the past three days, I have received so many kind messages, calls, and posts from all of you.”

“I must admit, this really made me fell loved, but also made this goodbye even harder.”

“Thanks to Inter, I have found people who are like family to me, who I will treasure for the rest of the my life.”

Zhang Thanks Inter Senior Management, Staff, Players & Coaches

“I would like to take the opportunity to thank all of my managers, Ale and Beppe, Javier, Piero, Dario, Luca, Matteo, Angelo, Andrea, Lionel, Mark…who tolerated me, supported me, protected me, and taught me how to be president.”

“I also want to thank our staff, who from Viale della Liberazione, Appiano, Interello, and San Siro worked diligently to grow and enable the success of our beloved Inter.”

“My special thanks go to our former players and the current two-star champions.”

“Many of you treated me as a friend, including me as one of you, the bonding we had went far beyond that of president and players.”

“My deepest gratitude goes to all our coaches, especially Simone Inzaghi, a man with true and strong values in his heart, who I’m lucky to have had during my presidency.”

“Finally, Inter wouldn’t be Inter without our amazing fans. Thank you for all your beautiful wishes.”

“It really means the world to me during these emotional times.”

“I can’t wait to join you in the stands and chant for our beautiful Inter, perhaps from the Curva Nord.”

“To those who will carry on this legacy, please love our Inter, protect her people, and most importantly respect her fundamental value.”

“It is both a great honor and a great responsibility to take the stewardship of Inter.”

“With love and care, Inter will repay you with tremendous achievements and joyful emotions.”

“For me, it has been the greatest honor of my life.”

“Forza Inter Sempre. Amala!”

“Sempre uno di voi, Steven.”