Inter Milan could forego their planned preseason tour of China amid their change in ownership from Suning to Oaktree Capital.

This according to today’s print edition of Milan-based newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport, via FCInterNews.

In recent weeks, Inter have been firming up their plans for the upcoming preseason.

It will be a busy summer that sees the majority of the Nerazzurri’s squad in action in international tournaments.

Then, there will be a bit of an early start to the Serie A season. This will be to make room for the Club World Cup at the end of next campaign.

And in the meantime, Inter will use the summer as an opportunity to take a preseason tour.

Last summer, Inter had went on a preseason tour of Japan. There, they faced the likes of Paris Saint-Germain and Al-Nassr in friendly matches.

This summer, the plan had looked to be for the team to take a preseason tour of China.

However, with the change in ownership, there is now significant doubt about those plans.

Inter Milan Could Forego Preseason China Tour Under Oaktree Ownership

Given that Inter’s outgoing owners Suning are a Chinese company, there was a certain logic to the company coordinating a preseason tour of China.

Moreover, it is not as though that is the only reason why the Nerazzurri will have selected the country.

Naturally, the massive Chinese market is one in which Inter are keen to have brand exposure.

The anticipated friendly matches against PSG and Atletico Madrid would certainly have given the club that.

However, it had been under the previous ownership that all of these plans were being made.

And the Gazzetta anticipate that Oaktree may decide to change the plans for the preseason.

It is not clear what the US-based fund would be thinking of changing them to, however.

The Gazzetta also report that the likely beginning of Inter’s preseason training will be around July 10th.

That will initially be without those players in action at the Euros and the Copa America, however.