Beppe Marotta says that “now Steven Zhang is an Inter Milan fan” and feels reassured with the ownership of Oaktree Capital.

The Nerazzurri CEO spoke to Italian broadcaster DAZN ahead of this evening’s Serie A match against Hellas Verona, via FCInterNews. He addressed the ownership situation at the club.

The last couple of weeks have seen a dramatic u-turn at the top of Inter.

Until recently it had looked as though Suning would secure a massive loan from US fund PIMCO. This would have allowed the Chinese company to refinance their debt to Oaktree Capital.

That would have kept Suning at the helm. And it would have meant that Steven Zhang remained Inter President.

However, the talks with PIMCO collapsed just days before the deadline of the loan from Oaktree to Suning.

Left with no way of paying the debt that they owed to Oaktree, Suning defaulted on the loan.

And this meant that Oaktree repossessed the outgoing owners’ shares of Inter.

Marotta: “Now Zhang An Inter Fan, Oaktree Give Ample Guarantees”

The upshot of this is that Oaktree are the new owners of Inter.

Over the next two or three weeks, the US-based fund will complete the takeover.

The transition period will see a new board of directors named – as well as a new President.

But even with Suning and Zhang out of the picture, Nerazzurri CEO Marotta will retain his important role as the architect of the club’s transfer strategy.

Of the outgoing President Zhang, Marotta said that “He regularly met with us directors via video.”

“It was a calm situation,” the CEO said.

“At the same time, Steven became very passionate. He’s become a huge fan of this team.”

“I hope that he can keep following our matches and our adventures,” Marotta said of Zhang.

“At the same time, I welcome the new owners, who give us ample guarantees.”

At the same time, Marotta also addressed the contract extension of Inter captain Lautaro Martinez.

“When negotiating with footballers, the issues are all the same,” the Nerazzurri CEO said.

“The negotiations are not stalling. But we’ve had to slow down for bureaucratic reasons, which is normal.”

“But the assumptions are absolutely comforting,” Marotta made clear. “Because at base, the player has a great desire to continue with us.”

“That principle gives us a strong sense of security,” the Inter CEO reassured.