Defender Yann Bisseck says that he never gave any consideration to the idea of leaving Inter Milan on loan this season.

Speaking to German outlet Geissblog, via FCInterNews, the 23-year-old also talked about his future at Inter. He additionally said that winning the Serie A title was “like a dream” for him.

Bisseck joined Inter last summer.

The German made the move from Danish club Aarhus. He had yet to establish himself at the level of a league like Serie A, let alone a team like Inter.

And there was always going to be an adjustment period for Bisseck.

Despite appearing from the bench in the Nerazzurri’s very first match of the season, after that there was a long period in which the Germany did not get any playing time.

However, it was in the fall that Bisseck started becoming a regular in the Inter lineup.

The Germany Under-21 captain has played both from the start and as a substitute in plenty of matches.

Moreover, Bisseck has proven to be a goal threat, as with his winning goal in a match against Bologna in March.

Yann Bisseck: “I Never Thought About Leaving” Inter Milan

Asked about his playing time, Bisseck said that “I never thought about leaving the club.”

“I was treated very well in my first season,” he continued.

“But then obviously I have to see how I’m playing. That’s why it needs to be discussed by those responsible.”

Bisseck said that “If it were up to me, I’d keep staying where I am and continue to fight for my place.”

“Because I feel that I’m in great form,” the German added.

As far as his first season at Inter as a whole, Bisseck said that “You always have to approach it with caution.”

“Especially if you’re coming from a smaller club,” the German noted.

“I think I played more than I expected that I would,” Bisseck said.

“I feel lucky that I had the chance that I did in December. And then to have done well and made myself known.”

The 23-year-old admitted that “I didn’t think that I’d get so much playing time.”

“But obviously you always want to play,” he added.

Bisseck declared that “I’m very confident. So I always believed that I deserved to play more.”

“But I absolutely cannot complain about my first season,” he added.

And of winning the Serie A title, Bisseck said that “From the start, it was like living a dream.”

“During the parade through the city I was already starting to feel something extraordinary.”

“The support of the fans is massive,” he said. “Especially if you’ve come from a smaller club.”