From Swansea City to NBA franchises like the Golden State Warriors, new Inter Milan owners Oaktree Capital have connections with sports management.

This is highlighted in today’s print edition of Milan-based newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport, via FCInterNews. The newspaper take a closer look at the Nerazzurri’s new owners.

It is now clear that Oaktree intend to run Inter for the foreseeable future.

The US-based fund will not just take the club over from Suning to immediately sell it.

That goes contrary to reports over the last three years suggesting that Oaktree had little interest in actually becoming Inter owners.

The fund, it had been rumoured, would not want to be involved in the management of a football club.

However, in the last week or so, it has emerged that Oaktree see a strategic value in holding on to Inter for some time.

The fund believe that they can increase the value of the Nerazzurri before an eventual sale.

From Swansea City To NBA – Inter Owners Oaktree Already In Sports Management

The Gazzetta take a closer look at Oaktree.

At the head of the fund is Howard Marks. The 78-year-old is an investment “guru” whose name is very well-known in finance circles.

It is Marks who is the architect of Oaktree’s investment strategy.

Meanwhile, Oaktree co-President Bruce Karsh is a minority stakeholder in NBA franchise the Golden State Warriors.

Neither Marks nor Karsh are likely to be in charge of Inter, however, the Gazzetta report.

As far as who will be directly running the show at the Nerazzurri, the newspaper note that two representatives of Oaktree have already taken on a leading role.

Spaniard Alejandro Cano and Brit Katherine Ralph were the two representatives of the fund in the initial meeting with Inter CEOs Beppe Marotta and Alessandro Antonello.

The Gazzetta note that both Cano and Ralph are fully fluent in Italian. That certainly appears to be a key reason for their early involvement in Oaktree’s management of Inter.

And the Gazzetta anticipate that the pair will both have key roles on the new Nerazzurri board of directors.

Then, the newspaper also note that Oaktree co-founder Stephen Kaplan is also a candidate to become involved in the running of Inter.

Kaplan already has a significant involvement in sport. He is the co-owner of Swansea City in the Championship, and co-President of DC United in MLS.

The Oaktree co-founder is also a minority shareholder of another NBA franchise, the Memphis Grizzlies.