Oaktree Capital are pushing to increase revenues and finally resolve the new stadium issue as Inter Milan owners.

This according to today’s print edition of Rome-based newspaper Corriere dello Sport, via FCInterNews.

Oaktree are in the midst of completing their takeover of Inter by putting a new ownership structure in place.

The US fund are not just taking control of the Nerazzurri to sell, it. They plan to run the club for the foreseeable future.

The reason for this plan is that Oaktree believe they can increase the value of the Nerazzurri.

Then, if and when the fund sell Inter, they can do so for as great a profit as possible.

The current situation the club finds itself in, on and off the pitch, is a key reason behind Oaktree’s intentions.

The trajectory in terms of sporting results has been positive for Inter over the last three years.

And off the pitch, things have also been moving in a positive direction.

So Oaktree want to take advantage of that particular trajectory as Inter owners.

Oaktree Want To Increase Revenues & Resolve Inter Milan Stadium Issue

One key thing that Oaktree are looking to do is to continue the trend of increasing revenues at Inter.

Naturally, that will be an important facet of increasing the value of the club.

The fund plan to work with the existing senior management off the pitch, led by Corporate CEO Alessandro Antonello, to maximize revenues.

This will mean everything from commercial partnership to matchday gate receipts.

And then there is the question of Inter’s new stadium plans.

Oaktree’s arrival as Nerazzurri owners comes at a particular turning point in the stadium situation.

Inter have been working on their stadium plans for years now, without beginning construction.

But this summer looks to mark an important juncture.

There are two realistic options before Inter as far as a new stadium goes. One is the build a new structure in the commune of Rozzano, the other is to stay in the San Siro.

For the former option, Inter have the exclusive right to begin a feasibility study in the coming months.

And for the latter, the city of Milan will present a feasibility study to the Nerazzurri and AC Milan next month regarding the prospect of renovating the San Siro to meet their needs.

This is in some ways an ideal point at which to take over the club for the new owners.

One way or the other, Oaktree could finally have Inter on track to bring their matchday gate receipt revenues up to the standard of their top European rivals.

Sorting the matter out once and for all is a priority for the new owners.