Oaktree Capital have made resolving the new stadium situation a major priority of their ownership of Inter Milan.

This according to today’s print edition of Milan-based newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport, via FCInterNews. The newspaper anticipate that Oaktree want everything sorted out within the next three years.

For the past several years, Inter have been working to try and build a new stadium.

First, the Nerazzurri had been pursuing plans, along with their city rivals AC Milan, to tear down the San Siro and build a new stadium in its place.

However, those efforts encountered continual bureaucratic hurdles.

The final nail in the coffin proved to be an injunction against tearing down the San Siro.

That forced Inter and Milan to pursue alternate plans once and for all.

And it was at that point that the two city rivals decided to go their separate ways.

The Nerazzurri have been working towards plans to build in the commune of Rozzano. The Rossoneri, meanwhile, have decided on the San Donato area.

Oaktree Capital Make New Stadium A Priority At Inter Milan

Even now, however, there is still some uncertainty about the status of Inter’s new stadium project.

The Nerazzurri have yet to conduct a feasibility study in Rozzano.

And then there is the possibility of Inter, Milan, or both staying at a renovated San Siro.

Milan Mayor Beppe Sala wants to keep the teams at the existing stadium. He hopes that plans to renovate the stadium will bring it up to the level that the teams need it to be at.

The results of a feasibility study on those renovation plans should arrive next month.

One way or the other, however, Oaktree do not want the uncertainty to last.

Inter have not managed to set a clear date to begin construction on a specific project despite no lack of effort in the last several years under Suning.

But Oaktree are determined to resolve the matter once and for all.

A new stadium would be vital for increasing revenues and raising the value of the club. So Oaktree have made it into a major priority.