Legendary former Inter Milan President Massimo Moratti has hinted that a shock return to Inter Milan could be in his future.

Moratti spoke to Italian outlet Oggi, via FCInterNews. He admitted that a return to the helm of the Nerazzurri is always a possibility in his mind.

Moratti was President of Inter for eighteen years.

Having taken over in the role in 1995, Moratti was at the helm of the club until 2013.

There were ups and downs for the Nerazzurri under Moratti’s ownership.

But particularly in the mid-to-late 2000s, Inter had a great period in their history.

The Nerazzurri won a string of Serie A titles under Roberto Mancini and then Jose Mourinho as coach. These culminated in the 2009-10 season, when the Nerazzurri won the European Treble.

Towards the end of Moratti’s Preisdency, Inter’s form started to drop off.

And when the iconic former President departed, there was a sense of an end of an era.

Massimo Moratti Hints At Shock Inter Milan Return

First it was Erick Thohir who took over Inter from Moratti.

However, the Nerazzurri floundered under the Indonesian businessman’s ownership.

Then came Suning. The Chinese company guided the Nerazzurri to seven trophies, albeit with the dark clouds of the financial situation looming in recent years.

Now, US fund Oaktree Capital have taken over Inter from Suning.

The fund are already the majority shareholders and therefore owners of the club. And soon they will put a new executive structure in place, including a new President.

But while Oaktree are set to be at the helm for the foreseeable future, there is a sense that they don’t intend to stick around forever.

And the question then is what the future holds for Inter’s ownership.

Asked if he could ever be back at the helm of the club he is so strongly associated with again, Moratti admitted that “I don’t see it being easy.”

“But I can’t exclude it,” the 79-year-old teased.

“Maybe. My wife asks me every night, if I would by Inter again.”

“And I always have to find a new excuse to justify not doing it,” Moratti admitted.

“Our sons Mario and Giovanni are big fans. As is Carlotta, who travels the world as President of Inter Campus.”

Moratti continued that “For us, it’s still too recent of an experience.”

“But you know what, as a boy I didn’t ever imagine being President of Inter. Then I changed my mind.”

“So who knows what the future holds,” Moratti hinted. “We’ll see.”

Meanwhile, the legendary former Inter President remarked that “Buying Inter and keeping it at the top level has too high of costs.”

“An entrepreneur on his own can’t do it today.”

“Real Madrid, as well, also has a lot of debt. Being the President-fan like before is a lot harder today.”

“That kind of owners can only exist at a club with lower costs,” Moratti said.

Lastly, Moratti also commented on Inter’s new owners. “Oaktree are very solid,” he said.

“But we need to see what their goals are.”

“The debt is so high that I don’t think they can leave the situation the way it is,” Moratti continued.

“And we’ve seen that winning trophies while also keeping the accounts balanced is impossible.”