Oaktree Capital have given Simone Inzaghi “ample guarantees” that they will allow Inter Milan to stay competitive at the highest level.

This according to Italian news outlet FCInterNews. The outlet report on yesterday’s meeting between the Nerazzurri’s coach and the club’s new owners.

Yesterday, representatives of new Inter owners Oaktree met with coach Simone Inzaghi for the first time.

The fund had already touched based with the Nerazzurri’s management.

But yesterday’s meeting saw Oaktree begin getting on the same page with the club’s coach.

There is no doubt that Oaktree see Inzaghi as a central figure in their plans for the next few years at Inter.

However, it is necessary for the new owners to establish a relationship with the 48-year-old.

By all accounts, Inzaghi had a good rapport with Inter’s previous President Steven Zhang. This helped the former Lazio coach remain calm during last season’s period of crisis.

And now Oaktree have begun building a mutual sense of trust with the coach.

Oaktree Give Inzaghi “Ample Guarantees” Inter Milan Will Stay Competitive

FCIN report that a key purpose of yesterday’s meeting was for Oaktree to reassure Inzaghi that they will provide the conditions for Inter to stay as competitive as it has been in recent years.

The change in ownership could naturally bring about some doubts in the coach.

But the fund outlined their plans to maintain the current project.

That will mean contract extensions for key players like Nicolo Barella and Lautaro Martinez.

And a new deal for Inzaghi himself.

Then, as far as the transfer market, Oaktree did not give Inzaghi any illusions that they are about the ramp up the spending.

But the new owners believe that responsible and sustainable spending can go hand-in-hand with ambition on the pitch.

Oaktree want to start off on the right foot with Inzaghi and give the 48-year-old reason to dream of more trophies.