The Italian FA is satisfied with the role of holding company LionRock in Oaktree Capital’s takeover of Suning’s shares in Inter Milan.

This according to today’s print edition of Turin-based newspaper Tuttosport, via FCInterNews.

Last week, Oaktree confirmed their takeover of Inter from Suning.

The US-based fund repossessed the outgoing owners’ shares in the club after the latter had failed to repay their debt to the former by the time of the due date.

It was a relatively straightforward process that saw Oaktree enforce their right to take over Suning’s shares.

The agreement on the loan Oaktree made to Suning in 2021 was clear. It stipulated that Suning’s controlling stake in Inter would pass into the hands of Oaktree in the event of a default.

However, Suning had held their shares in the Nerazzurri through a couple different holding companies.

There had been Grand Tower in Luxembourg.

And then there was the Cayman Islands-based holding company LionRock. And there has been a lot of ambiguity surrounding exactly the nature of LionRock’s financial stake in Inter.

LionRock Role In Oaktree Takeover Of Inter Satisfies Italian FA

In the case of Grand Tower, it was a straightforward situation in which Suning owned the shares in Inter through a holding company.

Therefore, when the Chinese company defaulted on their debt to Oaktree everything was straightforward.

Oaktree simply repossessed those roughly 70% shares in Inter.

However, the nature of the arrangement with LionRock was a bit of a mystery.

There have been strong rumours that it was Suning who were behind the company’s stake in Inter.

Then, there were also reports by Reuters that LionRock had actually ceased to have any financial stake in the Nerazzurri after the 2021 loan from Oaktree to Suning.

In any event, the matter raised some questions as to whether the takeover of all of Inter’s shares by Oaktree could be problematic if it were to have negative ramifications for Oaktree’s shareholders.

In any event, Tuttosport report, the Italian FA have investigated the matter. And they have found nothing untoward.