Inter Milan and Lautaro Martinez are reportedly working on bridging the gap between the player’s requested salary and the club’ offer.

The two parties have been trying to reach a final agreement for several months, but the white smoke has yet to emerge.

On the contrary, things took a turn to the worse in recent days, with the management reportedly upset with Lautaro’s agent Alejandro Camano and some of his public statements.

But as we reported earlier in the evening, the two parties are trying to put their contract talks back on the right track. Therefore, Inter directors held a private meeting with Camano away from the spotlights on Thursday.

As FcInterNews explains, the two sides agreed to meet again in the next few days, giving themselves some time to reflect on what they discussed in today’s summit.

The source reveals that the Nerazzurri are offering the player a salary between 8.5 and 9 million euros. This figure includes add-ons.

On the other hand, Camano is requesting at least 12 million euros.

Nevertheless, the report believes the two parties could manage to find a compromise somewhere in the middle.

Inter Milan & Lautaro Martinez Trying To Reach A Compromise

FcInterNews insists that Martinez is eager to remain at Inter and isn’t considering any other options at the moment. However, the Inter captain isn’t willing to accept an offer below 10 million.

Therefore, the source believes the club directors could resort to an old proposal that they had worked on alongside departing president Steven Zhang, namely the 9+1 offer.

In other words, Inter could offer their captain a net salary of 9 million euros, plus 1M in easily achievable bonuses.

The Nerazzurri would like to reach a solution soon enough to maintain strong leverage over the player’s future and avoid losing him for lower figures in the future.