Sorting out the new stadium will be the first priority for Oaktree Capital as Inter Milan owners.

Today’s print edition of Milan-based newspaper Corriere della Sera, via FCInterNews, report that the new Nerazzurri owners want to have a date to begin construction as soon as possible.

Inter’s aim to build a new stadium has been clear for several years now.

For quite a few years, the Nerazzurri’s plan was to build a new stadium to replace the San Siro.

Inter, together with their city rivals AC Milan, pursued plans to demolish the iconic stadium, and build a more modern one in its place.

However, continued bureaucratic hurdles meant that that proved to be impossible.

Therefore, the two clubs have gone their separate ways. Both have worked towards plans outside of the city of Milan but in the greater metropolitan area.

The Nerazzurri are focusing on the commune of Rozzano. Meanwhile, for the Rossoneri, San Donato is the area that they have chosen.

However, there is also a possible twist in the form of Milan Mayor Beppe Sala’s efforts to get the two teams to stay at the San Siro after all.

In a last-ditch effort, the Mayor has proposed the idea of renovating the San Siro.

Sala’s idea is that, if the existing stadium is to be updated in a way that makes it possible for Inter and Milan to generate more revenue, the clubs could decide to stay – or at least one of the two could.

This month, the results of a feasibility study on those renovation plans will arrive.

New Stadium Situation The Priority For Oaktree Capital At Inter Milan

This month will undeniably mark a crossroads for the new stadium situation.

The feasibility study on renovating the San Siro is essentially a “do or die” moment. Either it will convince the clubs to stay, or it won’t.

And Oaktree want to make a decision without any haste.

The new Inter owners are prepared to wait for the results of the feasibility study this month.

And Oaktree will entertain the possibility of staying at the San Siro.

But the Nerazzurri owners are not going to hem and haw on their decision as to whether or not to consider a San Siro stay. Either the feasibility study will convince them, or it won’t.

If it does not, there will be no more waiting around.

Oaktree will look to rapidly move forward on a feasibility study of their own, in Rozzano, in that event.

The Inter owners see the revenues from a new stadium as absolutely vital for their project to increase the value of the club.

Therefore, Oaktree’s aim would be the have plans set in stone as soon as it is possible for them to be.