Inter Milan Corporate CEO Alessandro Antonello feels that the club have received a confirmation of “trust” from owners Oaktree Capital.

Antonello spoke at yesterday’s shareholders meeting, which named the new Nerazzurri board of directors. He retained his place as the Corporate CEO on the new board.

Yesterday, Inter named a new board of directors.

This was a crucial step in the transition from previous owners Suning to current ones Oaktree.

There are some familiar faces on the board. But also some new ones. The US fund have put their stamp on the club in the form of a new executive structure in place.

Two of the most important names on the new board are indeed very familiar.

Nerazzurri CEO of Sport Beppe Marotta has become the club’s new President as well.

That is the news that will grab the headlines. But of no less importance is that Antonello maintains his current role.

The 58-year-old has overseen Inter’s operations off the pitch for several years now from his role of Corporate CEO.

And now new owners Oaktree have given Antonello a clear vote of confidence to continue on with his work.

Inter Corporate CEO Antonello: “Important Confirmation Of Trust From Oaktree”

First of all, Antonello addressed the shareholders.

He began “Today’s shareholder meeting is taking place after Inter obtaining the 20th Scudetto in its history. Alongside the Second Star that will be sewn on the jersey for the next football season.

Secondly Antonello continued, “We are now gathered together at an important time, namely the arrival of our new majority shareholder, Oaktree.

“And the appointment of the new Board of Directors.

Thirdly Antonello stated that “We have received an important confirmation of trust from the new owners. And I would like to express my gratitude to them.

“I am honoured to have been re-appointed as a member of the Board of Directors. And it is a source of great pride and responsibility for me to be able to continue in my current role.

“I would now like to congratulate Giuseppe Marotta, a highly esteemed colleague and – as of today – the new President of the Board of Directors of Inter.

“Giuseppe is a person of great values and competence. Qualities that I can attest to on the basis of a working relationship of almost 6 years.

“As well as the great success that Inter has achieved on the field, particularly in recent months.”

“The owners have placed great trust in him and I join them in wishing Giuseppe and the entire Board a good working relation for the benefit of the Club.”

Inter “On A Path Of Sustainable Growth”

“The Club is now on a path of sustainable growth that has been set in motion in recent seasons.

“And that will have to be pursued with perseverance in the medium-to -long term to guarantee Inter’s stability.

“For this reason, we will continue supporting the international development of the Club, focusing even more on our innovative spirit in order to reach key markets for our business’ growth.

“We will strengthen the network of relations that already bind us to the United States, where Inter will play the new edition of the World Cup next year.

“In regards to our brand, we will continue successfully experimenting with collaborations in the fashion, design, and lifestyle sectors, thanks to our partners but also in response to the cultural fabric of Milan and other great global capitals.”

“We will continue making full use of the production power and storytelling capabilities of our Inter Media House.

“Speaking the language of the new generations, telling the most exciting stories of Nerazzurri life to fans all over the world.”

New Stadium “Essential” For Inter Milan

“An essential asset for bridging the gap between Inter and the top European clubs is the ownership of a stadium.

“We are working to make the project for a new stadium a reality as soon as possible. As the time factor has become crucial.

“As you know, the Club has extended the exclusivity on the land in the municipality of Rozzano to the end of January 2025. For the evaluation of the project for a stadium in that area.

“At the same time, we are expecting within the next few weeks to receive the project proposal for the renovation of the San Siro stadium by the Municipality of Milan and WeBuild.

“Which we will study carefully.

“We intend to explore all the growth potential of Inter. Putting the values of sporting competitiveness and sustainability, not just economic viability, at the centre of our commitment.

“Thanks to the driving force of an exceptional season, we will continue carry Inter’s name high, collaborating with the top football institutions.

“In close relationship with all our fans and thanks to the commitment of the many people who make up our Club.”

In conclusion Antonello stated: “Thank you and Forza Inter!”