Oaktree Capital are aiming to boost the brand value of Inter Milan in the US as they look to increase revenues.

This according to today’s print edition of Milan-based newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport, via FCInterNews. The newspaper also report that the new Nerazzurri owners are targeting higher sponsorship revenues.

As the Gazzetta note, Oaktree aren’t hiding their ambition at Inter.

On the pitch, that means that the new Nerazzurri owners are ready to lock down the current squad with important long-term contract extensions.

Oaktree may not be coming in to spend recklessly on big name signings. But they have every intention of keeping the Inter squad, at the very least, at its current level.

And the US fund’s belief is that success on the pitch can go hand-in-hand with increasing revenues off of it.

In theory, a virtuous cycle would see increasing commercial revenues support spending on the team – whilst results on the pitch would raise the club’s brand value and increase revenues.

Oaktree Capital Aim For Higher Inter Milan Brand Value In US

One key aspect of Oaktree’s plan will be to raise Inter’s profile in the US.

The fund is based in the country, and there is naturally plenty of familiarity with the US market.

The Gazzetta note that Inter’s fan club membership in the US has already grown 235% in the last two years. And Oaktree expect that this is only the beginning.

Inter have targeted brand exposure in major events like Formula One’s Las Vegas Grand Prix and music festival Coachella. This is only going to increase under Oaktree.

Then, there is the income from capitalizing on this season’s historic twentieth Serie A title.

The Gazzetta estimate Inter’s total commercial earnings from the Scudetto will end up being around 50 million, as the club aim to cash in on the increase in their profile from the title.

A key driver of this will be shirt sales.

Shirt sales from this past season’s kit were around 150,000 thousand through Inter’s club store. That brought around 17.5 million in revenues.

For the upcoming season’s shirt – with the Scudetto – the Nerazzurri are projecting around 200,000 units in sales. This can bring in around 25 million.

Then, combined with ever-increasing sponsorship revenues, Oaktree are confident that they can bring Inter’s revenues to a new level altogether.