Inter Milan Corporate CEO Alessandro Antonello feels that there’s been a strong sense of “continuity” from Suning to Oaktree Capital.

The Nerazzurri executive spoke to Radio TV Serie A, via FCInterNews. He also stressed that there’s a need to move forward quickly on the new stadium project.

Oaktree are now just about settled in as Inter owners.

Last month, the US-based fund took over at the Nerazzurri. They did so by repossessing the shares of previous owners Suning, after the latter had defaulted on a loan.

Naturally, that whole situation was the cause of a lot of upheaval and uncertainty at Inter.

Suning had looked to be on the verge of refinancing their debt to Oaktree.

But then the prior owners’ plans fell through. So Oaktree took over.

Naturally, this raised a lot of questions about exactly what the intentions of the fund were.

There were plenty of rumours that Oaktree would try to sell Inter almost immediately.

But then it became clear that the new owners did intend to stick around for a while.

And that Oaktree were ready to keep the existing project going, and put their faith in the senior management who have been the architect of the team of the last few years both on and off the pitch.

Inter Corporate CEO Antonello: “Continuity” From Suning To Oaktree

Inter’s Corporate CEO Antonello retained his spot on the Inter board of directors under Oaktree.

The executive said that “It was a moment of change”

“But everything was always done in the name of stability and continuity.” he continued.

“Oaktree put its trust in me and in Marotta,” Antonello continued, of his colleague who has become Inter President in addition to CEO of Sport. “Whom I congratulate.”

“Now we must focus on our short-term objectives for next season.”

“But also, we have to get moving on medium- and long-term strategic goals such as a new stadium,” Antonello said.

“These are projects that we already had in hand,” said the Inter Corporate CEO.

“But now we’re aiming to speed up and get going.”