Bank BPER and telecommunications company TIM are the two main candidates to replace Suning as the sponsor of the Inter Milan training centre.

This according to today’s print edition of Rome-based newspaper Corriere dello Sport, via FCInterNews.

Inter are ready to find a new sponsor for their training centre in Appiano Gentile.

Previously, it had been Suning that had been the sponsor for the facility.

The Chinese company, not coincidentally, were the owners of the Nerazzurri. Therefore, there was a commercial partnership involving the club’s training centre.

The training centre was known as the Suning Training Centre for sponsorship reasons.

However, Suning are no longer the owners of Inter. They defaulted on a loan from US fund Oaktree Capital last month – resulting in Oaktree taking over the club.

And the new Nerazzurri owners have quickly done away with vestiges of the former ownership.

The Suning name no longer adorns the Inter training centre. That sponsorship deal has ceased.

BPER & TIM Main Candidates To Replace Suning As Inter Milan Training Centre Sponsor

The question, therefore, is who will take the place of Suning as the sponsor of Inter’s training centre.

And according to the Corriere, there are two leading candidates.

One is Italian bank BPER. They have been in talks with Inter over the possibility of obtaining the naming rights for the club’s training centre.

And then the other possibility would be TIM.

The Italian telecommunications company will be recognizable for having been the sponsor of Serie A for several years.

However, starting next season, TIM will not be the Italian top flight’s sponsor. Enilive will take their place, having agreed a deal with the league.

But that does not mean that TIM intend to completely leave the football sector.

The company are also in talks to potentially become the new sponsor of Inter’s training centre.