Lautaro Martinez will earn as much as 10 million net per season with add-ons on his new Inter Milan contract.

This according to Italian news outlet The Gazzetta reveal the details of the Argentine’s upcoming contract extension.

Martinez is now closer than ever to signing a new contract with Inter.

The 26-year-old’s agent Alejandro Camano held a round of talks with the Nerazzurri today.

And according to the Gazzetta, the parties made further progress in hashing out the details of a new contract for Inter captain Martinez.

The Argentine will sign a new contract undoubtedly, reports the Gazzetta. It is just a matter of “when” rather than “if.”

The Gazzetta report that Martinez should put pen to paper on the new deal by the end of the Copa America, where he is currently participating with Argentine.

Then, it will be the time for the official announcement, following the announcement earlier this week that midfielder Nicolo Barella has also extended his contract with Inter.

Lautaro Martinez Could Earn As Much As €10M Net/Season On New Inter Milan Deal

According to the Gazzetta, Martinez’s agent Camano worked out some of the details regarding add-ons in the 26-year-old’s new deal in talks with Inter today.

Add-ons are crucial in the structure of the new contract.

Martinez has been aiming to bump his net earnings into double figures. This would be to reflect his status and importance within the team, his loyalty to Inter, and the fact that he is club captain.

However, Martinez also pushed his agent to lower demands to where Inter would be able to meet them.

For that compromise, add-ons are crucial.

The Gazzetta report that the base amount in terms of Martinez’s wages will be around 9 million net per season.

However, that can go into double figures with the inclusion of add-ons.

Martinez’s earnings could exceed 10 million net per season, depending on which add-ons are triggered.