Inter Milan have brought in an additional 4.5 million from the Champions League market pool for the 2023-24 edition of the competition.

This according to Italian outlet Calcio e Finanza. The outlet report that UEFA have made 4.5 million payments to Inter, Napoli, and Lazio, and 3.4 million to AC Milan.

Last season, Inter were one of four teams from Serie A in the Champions League.

The Nerazzurri, who had reached the final of the 2022-23 season’s edition of the competition, qualified by finishing third in the Serie A table.

Meanwhile, Napoli qualified as champions, Lazio as runners-up, and AC Milan through finishing fourth.

Calcio e Finanza report that UEFA has now begun paying out the market pool for last season’s Champions League.

The market pool is a means of paying teams in European competition based on their market status.

How Much Inter Milan Have Earned From 2023-24 Champions League Market Pool

The total market pool for the Champions League that will be paid is 150.15 million, according to Calcio e Finanza.

The allotment for every Italian team is based on the overall placement of the league in the market pool.

The total amount due to Serie A teams is 34 million.

And according to Calcio e Finanza, UEFA has now disbursed the first payment of this amount.

That amounts to half of the total amount due.

In other words, UEFA has made the initial payment of 17 million to teams in Serie A who participated in last season’s Champions League.

For Milan, the amount is less than the other three teams. That is because the Rossoneri failed to advance to the knockout rounds of the competition.

UEFA have made an initial payment of 3.4 million to Milan.

Meanwhile, all of Inter, Napoli, and Lazio reached the round of sixteen. However, none of the trio advanced to the quarterfinals.

Therefore, UEFA have made a payment of all three worth 4.5 million each.