With the Euros right around the corner, everyone is beginning to speculate on who the new victors are going to be, with some asking if Inter Milan’s team chemistry could propel Italy to EURO 2024 success.

While there are many favorites, one that stands out in particular is Italy.

On top of having an incredibly strong squad, there are currently at least five players from Inter Milan who are likely going to be featured in the starting squad for the Euros.

Could this chemistry contribute to their Euro success? Or will this synergy make little to no difference?

Well, let’s find out. Below, we’ll discuss whether or not Inter Milan’s team chemistry could propel Italy to Euro 2024 success.

A Team in Peak Form

First of all, it’s worth mentioning Italy’s overall form.

As is always the case, Italy has some of the best players in the world. Nicolò Barella. Alessandro Bastoni. Gianluigi Donnarumma. Federico Chiesa. The list goes on.

However, even in this small selection of players, you will notice that many of the best players are from Inter Milan.

In fact, all of the top players in the current Italy squad come from Inter Milan (with Gianluigi Donnarumma being a key exception).

This not only means that Italy has an incredibly talented team full of great players. But also that all the top players have years of experience playing together.

It’s no secret that national teams often aren’t as synergized as regular teams.

While international teams do practice, it’s often hard to get the full team together due to many of the players being in different divisions and having different schedules.

That’s without mentioning the fact that many players have to prioritize their regular teams in order to give their best performances in the short term.

This is why having so many players from just one team could end up being so advantageous. T

he players from Inter Milan all know each other. They know how their team members think, what they are going to do. And when they are going to do it.

This could end up being a huge advantage for Italy.

It’s not only going to boost team play on the field. But also intimidate opponents when they see completely synchronized passes and carefully curated set pieces.

Putting Performance Above All Else – Inter Milan Core At Italy Squad Could Lead To EURO 2024 Success

One thing that has been extremely evident this year is Italy’s decision to put performance over all else.

This year, there has been little effort to try and include players from a variety of teams to increase diversity.

No, all that matters is performance, and if that means having five players from the same team, so be it.

This philosophy not only rings true for managerial staff and leaders.

It extends to the players, too.

A prime example of this is the situation with Stefan de Vrij.

Stefan is a player that many thought was guaranteed to be in the line-up. He’s not only an incredible player. He also plays for Inter Milan.

This would further synergize the team and add another phenomenal player to the squad.

However, for one reason or another, the team decided to leave Stefan out of the lineup in favor of other players.

You’d expect Stefan to be distraught by this decision, but this isn’t the case.

In fact, Stefan has stated that he has no problem with not being in the starting lineup. T

he goal is to win, and if that means Stefan isn’t in the team, then so be it.

The common consensus seems to be that everyone just wants the best players on the pitch to give them the best chance of bringing the trophy home.

There’s no ego, no resistance. They are just willing to do whatever it takes.

Imagine it like this: If you gave someone all your money at a casino, you wouldn’t give it to Dave just because he’s a good bloke.

No, you’d want somebody who crunches the numbers, has put in a ton of hours, and is going to take advantage of anything he can to maximize your winnings (like using no wagering bonuses at AskGamblers, for example).

Practicality is the name of the game this year for Italy. And this philosophy seems to already be paying dividends.

Challenges & Tribulations

While having numerous players from the same home squad in an international can be a massive advantage, there can also be some downsides.

Perhaps the most notable is that it can cause bias and preference among players.

Because they are so familiar with each other and share a bond, Inter players may be more likely to pass to other Inter players.

This is great in the right situations. But sometimes, this can cause issues.

For example, if a player is running through the midfield and looking to make a cross to one of the wings, an Inter player may choose to go with the wing with another Inter team member.

Even if the alternative would be much more practical.

This is unlikely to happen. However, even professional players may hold unconscious biases and make the wrong plays.

It’s just something to look out for, and if left unchecked, having so many Inter players could end up harming the team rather than helping it.


So, do you think Italy are going to have an advantage due to the many Inter Milan players who are likely going to be featured in the line-up?

While we can’t know for sure, it’s fair to say that this synergy is likely going to be palatable.

Having years of experience playing together, players from Inter Milan could have the upper hand when it comes to tactics and on-field success.

However, that’s not to say there aren’t going to be issues.

Inter players could easily prioritize their fellow team members in the heat of the moment, potentially leading to poor decisions and acting as a hindrance rather than an advantage.

Only time will tell how things will play out, but it’s going to be fascinating no matter what happens. Let’s hope this year’s a good one!