Wingback Denzel Dumfries says that he “loves” Inter Milan and has no intention of leaving the club this summer.

The Dutchman spoke to He admitted that there is no certainty about his future, but also made clear that he is happy at the Nerazzurri and would like to remain where he is.

Dumfries is perhaps the biggest name in Inter’s squad who looks to be at a crossroads in terms of his future this summer.

The 28-year-old’s contract runs out at the end of next June.

Therefore, reports suggest that Inter want to either extend Dumfries’s deal, or else sell him this summer transfer while he has the chance.

Recent reports have linked Dumfries most strongly with Premier League side Aston Villa.

There have already been contract talks between Inter and Dumfries’s representatives.

However, as of yet, there has been no agreement on a new deal for the former PSV wingback.

Inter are reportedly offering a new contract worth 4 million net per season. Dumfries and his representatives, on the other hand, are seeking closer to 5 million net per season.

Denzel Dumfries: “I Love Inter Milan, Don’t Want To Leave”

As far as whether he expects to stay at Inter, Dumfries said that “I think so.”

“I’m at a great club, a club that I love.”

“The fans and my teammates are like a family,” Dumfries said of being at Inter.

“We’ve been in talks for my contract extension for some time. But the club has had some financial difficulties.”

“But then now, as everyone knows, the club has changed ownership. During the Euros, or maybe, we’ll see what happens.”

Dumfries noted that “It’s no secret that I’d like to play in the Premier League at some point.”

“I love that league, and my style of play suits English football,” the 28-year-old noted.

“But it’s a blessing from God for me to play for Inter, where I’ve won six trophies in three years.”

“As I’ve already said, this is my home. And my family is happy in Milan.”

“I could never leave Inter just to make a ‘dream’ come true,” Dumfries said of the prospect of “dreaming” of playing in the Premier League.

“This is my family! Everyone around the club, including the warehouse workers and the club doctors.”

“I have a really good relationship with everyone here,” Dumfries said.

As far as the possibility of a shock move to AC Milan or Juventus, Dumfries said that “As I’ve already said, I love Inter.

“But in football, you never know,” he admitted.

“Still, I have to repeat: I’ve never thought about it, because I don’t want to leave.”

On Winning Serie A Title Vs AC Milan, UCL Final Vs Man City

As far as Inter’s triumph winning the Serie A title last season, Dumfries said that “The second star in the Scudetto was wonderful.”

“I had thought we would have already won it when I first came to Inter,” he admitted.

“In my first season we threw it away. But now we’ve done it. The second star is wonderful.”

“For the club, and for all of us, the celebration was crazy!”

Dumfries added with a laugh that “I’m especially happy to have won it on Milan’s ground.”

“All the Inter fans hoped to clinch the title in that match.”

Then, Dumfries also gave his thoughts on losing the Champions League to Manchester City last June.

“We played a great match,” said the Inter wingback.

“But if Manchester City won, it means that they deserved to.”

“That doesn’t take anything away from the fantastic ride we had to the final.”

“We’re men and we have to accept defeat,” Dumfries added.

“Inter are a great team. And if we continue to work, we will grow and we can try to win the Champions League again.”

“I Don’t Think I’d Go To Dinner With Theo Hernandez”

Meanwhile, Dumfries also gave his thoughts on his clashes with AC Milan defender Theo Hernandez in recent derby matches.

“The duels with him are always fiery,” the Dutchman said.

“But it’s normal for things to be like that in a derby.”

“But I don’t have any problems with Theo,” Dumfries continued. “We both defend the colours of our club.”

“I love Inter, and it’s always great to face him on the pitch,” Dumfries said. “It’s a real battle with him – I don’t have any hatred towards him, although I don’t think I’d go to dinner with him.”

“But the rivalry between Theo and I is just a sporting rivalry,” the Inter wingback made clear. “We respect each other and that’s what matters.”

“I love sport. Rivalries and tension.”

“And then the Milan derby is always a special match,” Dumfries noted.

“And the kinds of duels like mine with Theo, they’re part of the DNA of those kinds of matches. They’re what makes them special.”