On Friday, WeBuild will unveil their new San Siro project to Inter Milan and AC Milan who will later have a major decision to make.

Over the last few years, the two clubs have been seeking a definite solution for their stadium dilemma

The Rossoneri and the Nerazzurri were initially gunning for a shared project to build a new stadium at San Siro. However, local authorities placed a restraint on the stadium, preventing its demolition due to its historical and cultural significance.

Therefore, the two clubs headed in separate directions. Inter have been working on building their own ground in the Rozzano region, while Milan identified San Donato as their possible new home.

Nevertheless, Milano mayor Beppe Sala is desperate to keep the two clubs within the city walls. Therefore, he proposed a renovation plan in collaboration with WeBuild.

According to Il Giorno via FcInter1908, the construction company will present its project for the two clubs today. The meeting will take place at the Milano municipality.

WeBuild To Present San Siro Project To Inter Milan & AC Milan today

As the source notes, the aim would be to renovate the stadium without forcing the two clubs to move to another temporary ground.

This would be a three-phased plan based on the upcoming events that will likely take place at San Siro. These are the Olympic Games, an increasingly likely Champions League final and the European Championships.

As the source notes, Inter and Milan will take their time to carefully study the project before rendering their final decision.

If they choose to embark on his plan, WeBuild would be ready to kickstart their work in 2025.