The mayor of Milano Giuseppe Sala heaps praise on the new San Siro project while hoping that Inter Milan and AC Milan decide to bet on it.

Despite the restrictions that local authorities place on the Giuseppe Meazza, the mayor has been hellbent on keeping the two clubs at the historic ground.

The crosstown rivals failed in their bid to demolish the stadium to build a new one in its stead. This prompted them to part ways and lay plans for separate venues.

Inter have been working on a new stadium project in Rozzano. Meanwhile, Milan could be heading towards the San Donato region.

Yet, the two clubs haven’t completely closed the door on a San Siro stay.

Mayor Sala has been working on a renovation project alongside WeBuild. This plan would allow the two clubs to remain at the Meazza even while the works are ongoing.

Beppe Sala Hopes Inter Milan & AC Milan Seriously Consider The San Siro Renovation Project

The construction company presented its project to the two clubs in a meeting held at the Milano municipality today.

Sala describes it as an extraordinary project, while urging Inter and Milan to seriously consider it.

“This afternoon Webuild presented to Milan and Inter and to the Municipality of Milan a feasibility study for a major renovation of the San Siro stadium,” posted the mayor on his social channels via FcInter1908.

“In my opinion, this is an extraordinary project. I hope that the teams will take it into serious consideration while knowing that both are also working on other options.

“The feasibility study assumes a work program lasting a total of three years, with an absolutely acceptable reduction in the capacity of the stadium during the works.

“In the next few weeks, the clubs will meet Webuild to delve deeper into the project. By the end of these meetings, it will be possible to estimate the size of the required investment.”