Maybe I’m a dreamer, but there was something magnificent about watching our Inter Milan side back in the 1990s, wasn’t there?

Sure, Mourinho’s side was probably better and more successful on every measuring tool—but in terms of scintillating talent and individual brilliance, the 1990s were the halcyon days.

Sorry if we’re getting too caught up in nostalgia, but you’d be the same if you remembered watching Ronaldo in his pomp for the Nerazzurri.

How Serie A Has Changed Since The 1990s

In 2024, it’s hard to imagine that the only way fans would watch Serie A highlights was on TV
once a week.

As it was the only way to stay informed, many fans in Italy and further afield would
keep their eyes and ears peeled for the latest comings and goings in the league.

Italian football culture has effortlessly grown into the digital landscape since the mid-2000s.

Most Inter fans I know get their highlights and analysis via their phones and a variety of mobile

It’s a far cry from the days of catching a weekly highlight program at the weekend. But it’s
helped to provide us with a series of more detailed ways to get our news and engage with fellow fans.

It’s an approach that has continued to impact other elements of the game: with many
sports betting companies extending their services to the digital realm.

It’s also led to a number extending their gambling platforms to become more all-encompassing as well. Stretching to digital casino games, such as slot machines.

In the early 2000s, placing a bet involved going to bookmakers and physically placing your
money on a sports wager or a casino game. Which is no longer the dominant way people
gamble or play casino games.

While the internet might have changed the way people watch Serie A or play online pokies. And
given fans a far more convenient route to accessing match highlights or playing casino games,
some elements of the league haven’t changed.

And that’s the adulation the Internazionale faithful have for the players who give it their all for the shirt.

#3 – Christian Vieri

Those Inter fans with a clearer memory of the 1990s than most will remember the big man
Christian leading the line around the turn of the 21st century.

While Christian might have scooted around Serie A and notched up appearances for a dozen teams, it was at the San Siro where he truly made a name for himself.

It’s hard to believe that Vieri turned 50 last year.

It feels like yesterday he was leading the line for the Nerazzurri. Notching up over 100 goals in little under six years. And finding himself named as Serie A Player Of The Season twice in the space of three years.

Having signed for a then world-record transfer fee, Vieri is a legend at the San Siro, still adored by fans after all these years.

And for good reason: he was named in Pele’s FIFA 100 list in 2004.

#2 – Javier Zanetti

Few players hold the bonafide Inter icon status like Javier.

Not only does he have more appearances for Inter than any other player in history, but he was a crucial figure in the finest Inter teams.

Jose Mourinho’s treble-winning side of the 2009/10 season is the best example of

It was the best Inter Milan side many of us have ever seen.

And the Argentina captain played a seminal role in bringing the Serie A and Champions League to the San Siro.

Javier is the Don. He’s won more trophies with Inter than any other player. And even in
retirement, his love for the club continues in his executive role as the club’s current vice

It’s not just the last 30 years that Javier has found himself high up on any list of all-
time Inter greats.

Known for his philanthropy in Milan, the number four jersey was retired to
mark his retirement.

This is one of the greatest gifts any player can ask for. And he’s a player who thoroughly deserves it.

#1 – Ronaldo

Although Brazilian Ronaldo’s prime was short-lived, it’s safe to say that we Inter fans were
fortunate enough to capture at least a couple of seasons of it.

The iconic Brazilian, considered by many to be the greatest number 9 of all time, who are we to disagree?

A World Cup and multiple Ballon d’Or wins, despite all his injuries, are truly incredible feats.

If you check out a highlight reel or two from his heyday, you’ll see just how special he was.

You’ll see how often he dazzled defenders while wearing the classic Pirelli shirts of the late
1990s – when it felt like nobody could get in the way of Inter Milan.

Just like Zanetti, Ronaldo is an Inter Milan Hall of Fame inductee – managing to notch up 59
goals in less than 100 games, despite being riddled with injuries, in what was then the toughest
league in Europe.

While some might put Javier above Ronaldo, the Brazilian captured the
world’s attention at Inter Milan.

For the Nerazzurri who remember those days, nothing came close to the magic the Brazilian possessed during those years.


You could make a case for switching Javier and Ronaldo around.

But we’ve said what we’ve said, and we’re standing our ground.

Given that there are so many great Inter players from over the years, there’s a handful that deserves a special mention, such as Wesley Sneijder and Luis Figo.

However, the three we’ve chosen are the right picks.