Striker Romelu Lukaku gave a chilly reception to an Inter Milan fan who asked for an autograph at EURO 2024.

FCInter1908 relay the story of a German Inter fan on their Twitch channel, about a snub by the Belgian international as he was greeting fans.

Lukaku is a player who had his ups and downs with Inter, it would be fair to say.

The former Manchester United and Everton striker spent the 2019-20 and 2020-21 seasons with Inter.

Lukaku enjoyed perhaps the best form of his entire career in those two campaigns. He helped Inter to win the Serie A title in his second season at the club.

Then Inter sold Lukaku to Chelsea in the summer of 2021 in a massive money deal.

Only twelve months later, however, the Belgian forced a loan back to the Nerazzurri.

Lukaku spent the 2022-23 season back at Inter. And then last summer the Nerazzurri tried to bring him back for good by making his loan deal a permanent one.

However, Lukaku had also been negotiating with Juventus behind Inter’s back.

This caused Inter to abruptly and angrily pull the plug on a deal to sign Lukaku from Chelsea.

The Belgian ended up joining Roma on a season-long loan deal at the culmination of what had blown up into an outright soap opera.

Romelu Lukaku Snubs Inter Milan Fan At EURO 2024: “I Don’t Know What Inter Is”

An Inter fan told FCIN1908’s Twich channel, “A couple of days ago before the second match, we were at the Belgian training camp.”

“The players were coming out, and Lukaku stopped.”

“I mentioned that I’m an Inter fan,” the fan said. “And that I was sad about how his story with us ended.”

“He didn’t respond to that.”

“And then I asked him about the possibility of him back at Inter in the future,” the fan said. “And he replied ‘I don’t know what Inter is.'”

“My daughter had a Lautaro Inter shirt, and when I asked him to sign it he passed it up. He signed Milan, Juve, Bayern shirts – but not us.”

“When we asked for a photo with him he didn’t even consider it,” the fan continued.

“He stopped to take a photo with a fan in a Dybala Juventus shirt and then left.”